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Gary A. York Clients: A Note To Clear Up Any Confusion…

(Originally Posted January 20, 2017)

As I’m sure you are aware, earlier this year my mother and father were facing news few know how to process: Gary’s terminal diagnosis. Under the difficult circumstances they decided to sell the business they had built over the past 41 years. I am very grateful for the lessons Gary taught me, the business and tax planning skills he passed on, the love of learning and innovation he instilled, and the passion for helping my clients just as he helped his.

My father believed that leaving corporate America and starting his own firm was one of the best decisions he ever made. That was very evident in his passion for his clients. As Gary’s health continued to decline, in between doctor’s visits, meals I would bring to him, and the life stories he shared, Gary talked with me about the idea of starting Michael A. York & Associates. After interviewing with a couple of firms it became very clear to me that I was like my father. After all, I grew up the son of a business owner, and like Gary, I value the ability to work with and care about my clients on a personal level. I don’t want to be another corporate tax preparer in a sterile office environment, billing clients for every phone call or charging for every hour of the day. I want to continue to partner with the clients who helped build my father’s firm by being a professional, a strategist, and an advocate who personally cares about each client and their individual tax situation.

Years ago as I thought about becoming a CPA, I realized that Gary A. York & Associates was more than just an accounting firm, it was a planning firm, a tax firm. It was a firm that specialized in helping individuals save money so they could reinvest it in themselves and the businesses they were building. After looking at the fact that less than 2% of the work performed by Gary A. York & Associates requires a CPA certification, I decided to focus on becoming an Enrolled Agent, which is a tax specialist officially recognized by the US Department of the Treasury and the highest credential the IRS awards (see page 2 for more detail). With my background in the family business and years of experience working with clients, I passed the three-part exam on the first attempt and became an official Enrolled Agent. As an Enrolled Agent I can fully represent my clients in an audit should the need arise.

As a business owner I realize the importance of taking care of all my clients’ needs. In the unlikely event that you would need any services that require a CPA we will have the ability to take care of you, whether it is in-house or through our many community connections. To help you make an informed decision I have enclosed a certificate for a tax planning appointment.

I am excited to continue to provide tax strategies, tax planning and tax solutions just as my father and family have done for the past 41 years. I look forward to working with you for decades to come.


Michael A. York - York & Associates

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